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Welcome to Soulmates Introduction Services Inc.

Eve Potok, founder of Soulmates Introduction Services Inc. has been a Jewish matchmaker for over 21 years. She brings to the table a unique blend of spirituality, while implementing the tools necessary to address the modern day challenges of finding a Jewish soulmate.

The new creation of a Soulmates website was a natural progression due to the phenomenal growth of our boutique matchmaking web-site. We have now integrated social networking applications and a FREE dating site to make your quest for your mate an easy and joyous experience.

"It is not good that the man should be alone:"

Genesis 3:8

It is our mission at Soulmates to create a Jewish single web-site that unifies and addresses both men and women's need to find their soulmate. 

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"I would never have met my husband if it weren't for Evelyn Potok. Thanks Evelyn. You changed my life"
Erica Ehm

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