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Dating In the Year 2017 by Eve Pearl Potok

MatchMaker Matchmaker Toronto Celebs Married by Matchmaker.
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Matchmakers Finding a Find, Catching a Catch For Young Professionals
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A Post Reporter Puts Her Life In The Hands Of A Jewish Matchmaker:
Potok describes herself as a "social butterfly" and admits that she has "spies" going out to Jewish events meeting people that she could possibly get as clients, or use as possible dates to set people up with.

Potok tells me that Match-making is in her blood. Her parents met through a matchmaker in Israel.
"What do I look for in a man?" she asks. Basically, I look for the same things as anyone else does: smart, funny, nice, considerate, compassionate, good-looking.
How many women, I wonder, would ever say fat, ugly, mean and stupid please.
- National Post


Oy,  Have I Got Someone For You!
Matchmakers Didn't Fizzle Out In The Old Country

" I have someone for you!. I have to set you up! He's so cute and I will show
you his picture. He's a absolute genius and he's so funny! Don't leave here without giving me your phone number!"
-matchmaker Eve Potok
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Canadian Jewish News under the headline: "Schadchan matches mates" special to CJN 1990's

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Private Moments

Jewish Tribune
Finding your Basherte

The Sunday Sun
Finding Joe Soulmate

Lifestyles 28th year 5760
Erica ehm Dreaming pg. 33

Canadian Living Magazine
Matchmaker Matchmaker

Toronto Star Cover Story
Love's spark needs a pro's touch

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Finding your Basherte

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Matchmakers Finding A Find,
Catching A Catch For Young Professionals

'Matchmaker, matchmaker make me a match"
Special to the CJN



Matchmaker, Matchmaker...

Special to the CJN

Liana Shlien

The Jewish Tribune

Free Facebook app helps with Soulmates search

Denise Rootenberg Correspondent

– My immediate reaction was, “ You have to tell him. ... I talked to Eve Potok, one of Canada's best-known matchmakers and founder of Soulmates ...If a friend's spouse is cheating, should you... |


What do readers think?
Before talking to an expert, I put this question on Twitter: "If you are a guy and you found out your friend's wife was cheating on him, would you tell? Females probably would. Thoughts?"


The replies I got were all over the place. One said, “Stay. Out. Of. It.” Another said, “I’d tell. It’s his friend.” Other people weren't sure what they'd do, or were just glad they weren't in the same difficult position my friend finds himself in.


A relationship expert's take
I talked to Eve Potok, one of Canada’s best-known matchmakers and founder of Soulmates. Potok has matched up thousands of people and has, obviously, met with many men over her years in business. If you know a friend is being cheated on, should you tell?

1. Potok said that if your friend is a man, you probably shouldn't say anything. “Men,” she said, “are action or task-oriented. Females, on the other hand, are relationship-oriented. The integrity of the marriage would probably be best preserved through assisting and encouraging each other to build up the relationship that they already have instead of destroying it.” Men, inquire about your friend’s relationship or marriage, okay?

2. She thinks women would be more willing to share the bad news with a girlfriend. “Good girls like to empower their fellow girls.”

3. Her general advice when it comes to cheating, men or women, is this: “You stay out of it unless you are in a situation where you can confront the cheater and make him/her realize that what they’re doing is inappropriate.” So, go straight to the troublemaker.

4. She says that in her business, a lot of her divorced clients have been in a situation where their partner has cheated on them. “It could go either way,” says Potok. “Sometimes it’s better to confront the issue, find out if the lack in the relationship comes from that one partner who is straying, and try and work it out. Sometimes it is best that the couple splits, because their partner may have a deep-rooted emotional flaw that only he or she can decide to change.”

5. Surprisingly, a lot of her clients have said that they wished they'd stuck with the relationship, even after infidelity. “My advice is that if your spouse is cheating on you, you have to weigh the situation for what it is," Potok said. "If you have a loving and supportive partner, chances are that you can work it out. It’s important to make a conscious effort to be the best person you can be, to attract the best person for you."

6. Potok said that most people cheat because they are not getting what they need from their partner. Sometimes, it’s just because of their own insecurities or lack of substance and integrity. “In my opinion, any form of misconduct or lack of a high moral standard is a form of idol worship!”

Luckily, Potok doesn’t have to think about cheating all that much — she just sets people up and hopes for the best. But in my

A Consumers Guide to Dating and Introduction Services in Ontario

Peter Crocker 1994


 A Match Made in....A Stranger's Mind
appeared The Toronto Star Newspaper
Sunday December 5, 1999 - page F3






The origins of the great Ehm-Pire

pg. 39